• Ensuring most efficient and optimized synthetic route.
  • Make Process scalable, robust and reproducible
  • Scale up from milligram to Tons.
About us
Shankus Chem-Sciences:

           At Shankus Chem-Science to facilitate both the development and production of your drug, we provide you with expert custom synthesis, alternative process development and contract manufacturing. Our team consists of chemists with many years of experience of developing alternative process. We have expertise in evaluating the most critical areas during scale up from gms to tons, in order to produce robust, scalable and most importantly reproducible processes in a cost effective manner.

Shankus Bio-Sciences:

           As part of our diversification process, we have set up a separate Plant (2009) for the manufacturing of Di-Calcium Phosphate, Mineral Mixtures for Cattle & Poultry feed. Our manufacturing capacity is 1200 MT/month. These products are free from undesirable odours, animal origin impurities and risks of disease transmitted through other organic based products. They have the maximum bioavailability to keep the animals healthy.

           Shanku’s group is even active in the field of Education (Divine Child International School), Entertainment (Shanku's Entertainment), Water Park (Shanku’s water park, mehsana), Naturopathy center (Shanku's Natural Health Center) and many more. We are consistently striving to serve the best following the professional decorum in our business world. Our fair trade practices, relentless services and interaction with the state government on policy matters have helped us to grow and sustain with a fair image in the corporate cosmos.